meeting with village mayor along RT 12 to request permission to collect

Malagasy in village along RT 12

showing Celastraceae pictures to Malagasy in village along RT 12

Adansonia za (Bombacaceae)

Adansonia za (Bombaceae) in clearing

young Adansonia za (Bombacaceae)

Adansonia za (Bombacaceae) in forest

Adenia perrieri (Passifloraceae) in clearing

waiting to cross the damaged Andribe bridge

the damaged Andribe bridge

Apodocephala sp. (Asteraceae) tree

Bakerella sp. (Loranthaceae) growing on Apodocephala sp.

Brickaville Bridge

bridge along RT 10 designed to be flooded during rainy season

brick house along RT 7 in central highlands

car collecting in Petricky forest

discussing Celastraceae at Cap Sainte Marie

Cap Sainte Marie coastline from limestone cave

charcol pit in primary forest

children along RT 12

children in Beraketa

children playing table soccer

children in front of their house

Robert Archer showing digital photos to children in Beraketa

morning coffee stop in Diego Suarez

Colubrina sp. (Rhamnaceae)

flooding from cyclone

crossing Canal des Pangalanes by pirogue

Didierea madagascariensis (Didiereaceae) near Toliara

colonial ruin at Diego Suarez

landowners of littoral forest near Diego Suarez

Diego Suarez port

sandstone outcrop near Diego Suarez

climbing up a sandstone plateau near Diego Suarez

women in colorful dress near Diego Suarez

erosion in north-central highlands

eastern Malagasy tomb

eastern Malagasy tomb

Edmund, Rivo, Faly and Mark at QMM’s Mandena Forest

degraded farmlands along RT 10

Euphorbia cap-saintemariensis (Euphorbiaceae)

windswept tree in Fort Dauphin

ferry crossing at Canal des Pangalanes

former palm-oil plantation

Fort Dauphin port

Pic St. Louis near Fort Dauphin

Fort Dauphin shoreline

graveyard near Fort Dauphin

granite mountains in south-central highlands

hotel-bar along RT 12

Pachypodium horombense (Apocynaceae)

tiny leaf hopper

pressing specimens at Orangia

Mandena Forest Herbarium

river crossing along RT 10

railroad station near Andasibe

remnant forest near RT 12

push cart near Ranomafana

Parc National d’Andohahela – dry forest

Parc National d’Andohahela – wet forest

MBG House – Diego Suarez

eastern shoreline with pirogues

QMM Nursery at Mandena Forest

truck convoy with a flipped trailer along RT 13

Jacky Andriantiana with Bulbophyllum hildbrandtii (Orchidaceae)

local guide, Jacky, Mark, and Robert at Ranomafana

life is good without a spider biting me inside my ear

showing Celastraceae pictures at Ranomafana

taxi-brousse along RT 12

roadside stall in Farafangana

TAN herbarium

TEF herbarium

MBG House in Tana

MBG Office in Tana

lobstermen near Sainte Luce

sapphire miners along RT 7

zebu herds along RT 13

Mark at carnival in Tana


zebu used to turn soil of rice field

sapphire boomtown along RT 7

southern Malagasy tombs


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