n    Madagascar


n    New Caledonia


n    Venezuela


n    King George, Virginia


John Hayden @ Tetotum Flats

Donna Ware @ Potomac Creek



“Mud in Madagascar”

(or “How I Spent January 18th, 2007”)



First Chorus


Base Drums


A Burst of Enthusiasm


Patience Would Have Been Better


Crossing the Channel


Much Excitement with Approaching Rain Clouds


An Odd Angle


30,000 Ariary for Release?


Turning Point






Equitable Distribution?


A Good Place to Set Up a Business


Only to be Left Behind?




Clean Sailing Ahead


The Little Tugboat That Could


Meeting Old Friends Along The Way


How Many People Can You Fit in a Taxi-Brousse?


Not an Encouraging Sign for What’s Ahead


Waiting for Our Turn to get Stuck


The Selection on Offer


Burning Rubber


Something for All Ages to Enjoy


Next Customer


Paying the Bill




… And Then it Started to Rain




Return Trip with the Peace Corps and U.N.


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