Mark Simmons at the grand opening of the new Biology Building

Jennifer Ackerfield (assistant curator of the Charles Maurer Herbarium Collection and Ph.D. student) doing outreach at Crested Butte

Christina Calcaterra (masterís student)

Alaina Krakowiak (masterís student) and Banjo exploring the Hewlett Gulch Trail


Austin Rosťn (masterís student) with Cirsium at the Grand Canyon


Emeritus Members of the Lab

Description: Libing

Description: Liangcheng_Zhao.jpg

Dr. Libing Zhang (postdoc) in his office

Dr. Liangcheng Zhao (visiting professor) in his office

Dr. Cuihua Gu (visiting professor) at the campus oval

Wei Zhang (visiting professor) at the Missouri Botanical Garden herbarium

Description: Christine Bacon 2006

Dr. Luke Tembrock (Ph.D. student) in the lab

Dr. Christine Bacon (Ph.D. student) in her office

Description: Jen2006


Dr. Jennifer Cappa (co-advised Ph.D. student) in the lab


Description: Todd_Gilligan.jpg

Dr. Todd Gilligan (Ph.D. student, advised by Paul Opler) in his office

Leonardo Biral (visting Ph.D. student from Brazil) in his office

Description: Salem_Elleaga.jpg

Manuel Curto (Ph.D. student from CIBIO in Portugal) in his office

Dr. Salem Elleaga (Ph.D. student, advised by Harrison Hughes) in the lab

Description: Melissa

Description: Jenna_McAleer.jpg

Dr. Melissa Islam (master's student) in the CSU Herbarium

Jenna McAleer (master's student) in her office

Description: ali schultz

Ali Daw (masterís student) and Melissa Islam in the lab

Taylor Fusinatto (masterís student) at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Description: Aaron

Maddie Maher (masterís student)

Aaron Reeves (research associate) in his office

Description: ward fisher

Description: Crystal_Yetter.jpg

Ward Fisher (research associate) in his office

Crystal Yetter (undergraduate researcher) in the lab

Description: Kendra_Yakobson

Description: Miles_McKenna

Kendra Yakobson (undergraduate researcher) in the lab

Miles McKenna (undergraduate researcher) in the lab

Description: Jenny2006

Description: Arwen Milroy

Jenny Coughenour (undergraduate researcher) in the lab

Arwen Milroy (undergraduate researcher) and Cholla in Markís office

Description: Dedra2006

Description: Jessica2006

Dedra Eichstedt (undergraduate researcher) in the lab

Jessica Selbst (undergraduate researcher) in the lab

Description: Gary Lyman

Description: Jack_Munz.jpg

Gary Lyman (undergraduate researcher) in his office

Jack Munz (undergraduate researcher) in the lab

Description: Jessica_Uvarov.jpg

Description: Kenny_Young.jpg

Jessica Uvarov (undergraduate researcher) in the lab

Kenny Young (undergraduate researcher) in the lab

Description: Kevin

Michael Adair (undergraduate researcher) giving a practice talk

Kevin Su (undergraduate researcher) in the lab


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